We hope you enjoyed your camp experience this year! It was a good time to create, interact, and engage with each other along with having some fun!  Thank you for being a virtual camper!

If you have questions, please reach out to Rev. Shandra Yost-Soltani at 913-433-6672 or shandra@kcdisciples.org.

2020 Camp Dates

Virtual Day Camp (K-1)  July 18th       $10         July 18th

Primary Virtual Camp (grades 2-3)      $30        July 13-15

Junior Virtual Camp (grades 4-5)        $40         July 7-10

Chi Rho Virtual Camp (grades 6-7)     $40         July 20-25

Eighters' Virtual Camp (grade 8)         $50         July 6-10

CYF Virtual Camp (grades 9-12)          $60         June 21-26

Grand Camp (grandparents and         

        children grades K-6)                     $30         August 3-5

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Linwood, Kansas 66052  


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Email:  Talloaks@uccr.org

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