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Fundraising Projects

When you are a kid, summer camp means s'mores, swimming, hiking, outdoor games, awesome food and campfire songs. As a parent, summer camp means money. This can often be a struggle, especially if you have multiple children you want to send to camp.

Most of you are already aware that having a Tall Oaks experience is one of kind and with that, we want every youth to have that opportunity. The costs associated with camp are a small price to pay compared with the valuable lessons that are instilled in the youth. The hope is to keep that camp experience affordable for everyone so.......

We are asking for your help to consider a donation to many of the ongoing projects at Tall Oaks. With your help, we can initiate repairs on our buildings and/or add an outdoor dining area that will double as an outdoor classroom.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration! 100% of the funds will be used for the project that you designate!

Even the smallest contribution today goes a long way!

Under this roof we resized.png

Make a gift to our "Under This Roof" campaign. Repairs on our buildings are necessary to keep our camp open and safe for all groups who utilize Tall Oaks. Safe facilities provide safe spaces. 


Tall Oaks has an ongoing need to update cabins and other outdoor facilities, grade/gravel driveways, landscape; all which serve campers, staff and guests!

This campaign has raised over $20,000.

Thank you to all the generous donors! Continuing gifts are welcome all year long!

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