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Women's Spring Retreat 2022!
It's a Virtual and In Person Event!

Melissa Strong 11.jpg


March 11 and 12

Keynote Speaker: 

Reverend Melissa Strong

"I am an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and am the Manager for the Pastoral Services Department at Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital. I love my work in the hospital and absolutely enjoy the opportunity and honor to unite a couple and be present for their first moments into the next steps of their journey."

Here are some highlights from the Retreat!


"We are so excited that each of you joined us for our Spring Retreat.  Few facts:  We had 15 ladies join us virtually, 26 join us in person.  Ladies who came the furthest--Crystal Murphy from New Jersey, her Mom, Linda Waldron from  Juniata, NE online.  Ashley Fyffe, Cheyenne, Wyoming and Melissa Strong, Omaha, NE were present in person.  


We had close to $400.00 donated to Week of Compassion and $600.00 to our Retreat offerings.  These are not final numbers as there were offerings sent to the Regional Office prior to the Retreat.  The pictures are from the event and donations for Hope House. When the donations were delivered to Hope House, they were amazed how generous you all were.  Thank you so much. 


Thanks for giving your DWM Cabinet the opportunity to share our gifts and to serve people in our community. "




Jan Brooks, Kelly Wargo, Ruth Dilda, Deborah Peterson, Martha Schmidt and Elizabeth Hicks

Spring Retreat Committee Members

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