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Women's Spring Retreat 2023!
Thank You for Attending!

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"Recharge Your Life"

March 10 and 11

Keynote Speakers:
Rev. Teresa Spear, Rev. Margi Colerick & Rev. Robin Colerick-Shinkle

How full is your self-care battery? Do you need to recharge? Together we explored ways to recharge ourselves, restore our spirits and be the light we are called to be.

On Friday evening, Teresa Spear joined us for “An Offering of Salt.” On Saturday, Margi Colerick and Robin Colerick-Shinkle helped us explore the theme of God's Light and how both seen and unseen inner light can recharge and refresh our spirits. 

We collected over $1900 in offerings that will be split 40% to Week of Compassion, 40% to KC Area School Lunch programs and 20% to our DWM Speakers Fund.  In addition, we raised $273 for The Fellowship of John through book sales and donations.  We had 40 women attend in person and 5-6 ladies join us virtually via Zoom.  These ladies represented 22 different congregations. 

Fifteen ladies stayed Saturday through dinner and joined together for evening worship. We ended the retreat by dancing and laughing to a song called Shabbat Shalom which means "peaceful rest."

We were truly blessed from our time together, fellowship, worship, singing and recharging!

Spring Retreat Committee Members

Jan Brooks, Kelly Wargo, Suzanne Thomas, Carol Lightfoot, Louise Jones

Enjoy watching the ladies below! To learn more; click here!

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