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Sharing the Gift of Time

Tall Oaks depends on an army of volunteers to ensure that future campers and guests have the best week of their lives. Work assignments involve hard work and includes a great place to experience our authentic selves and renew connections with nature and one another. V0lunteers are so essential to the future success of the camp community.



For more information and to volunteer, please contact:  Jeff Hon at 816.550.0462


Looking for those artists that love to repair and restore!

October Project: Tall Oaks - Road Signs and A Front Entrance Ramp


Take a look at the new roof! The interior painting, floor replacement, and cleaning is done! The Clarks have moved into their home. Thanks to volunteers who have made the updates possible with their time and donations!

Next...is a replacement ramp for the front entrance and signage repair/restoration/painting!


If you enjoy indoor and outdoor projects with skills in carpentry and available to help, please contact Jeff Hon at 816.550.0462

Do YOU have a Truck to Donate?

Thanks to a generous donor.... let's try for 2!

The camp needs another truck (full-size) for  construction supplies, landscape, and larger hauling projects. The age and mileage are not important...it's the reliability!

Ask your family and friends....if you have a lead, contact:

Bill Rose-Heim at  billrh@kcdisciples.org

or call 816.617.7020 (direct/cell)

For more information about COVID-19 and recommended guidelines for staying healthy and safe at Tall Oaks, click here.

For more information about other service opportunities in our disciples region, click here.

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Email:  Talloaks@uccr.org

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