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   Opportunities to Serve
Sharing the Gift of Time!

Be a Volunteer - Pick a Project!

Tall Oaks depends on an army of volunteers to ensure that future campers and guests have the best week of their lives. Work assignments involve hard work and include a great place to experience our authentic selves and renew connections with nature and one another. V0lunteers are so essential to the future success of the camp community.

Volunteers Needed to Participate in Camp Workdays

Invite your friends and family! Lots to do for all ages!


Indoor and Outdoor Projects

Indoor cabin cleaning, outdoor cabin landscaping, swimming pool cleaning, trimming trees and bushes, cleaning outside AC coils, painting, etc.

Donations of mulch and drought resistant flowers are always welcome!

-Disposable gloves and supplies provided
-Recommend long pants and closed shoes for any outdoor work

-Bring your own tools if you have favorites! Bring your green thumb!

Give Us a Call!

We'll let you know when a project becomes available!

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