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CYF Camp

Age: High Schoolers          Price: $450

June 18 - 23 2024

Us in the World

A searching faith is the stage for high school students. They need an open, honest caring atmosphere and community in which to explore a variety of ideas and feelings. They require groups in which they are sufficiently secure to run the risks associated with questioning and self-exposure. Each one leaves feeling empowered to make a difference in the world.

ryan, 2024 co-director
Ryan Sprugel, Director

Hi, I am Ryan Sprugel and I am excited to be one of the directors for CYF this year. I have been attending Tall Oaks since 2003 and have served as both a counselor and director for various camps for the last 7 years. I am also an active member of Liberty Christian Church in our region. Outside of church, I am a high school biology and chemistry teacher. I enjoy spending time with my family, swimming, and watching Kansas City sports. I currently serve as the adult moderator for our Greater Kansas City Regional Youth Cabinet and our entire group is excited to put on a great camp this summer. We can't wait for you to join us!

Christian Youth Fellowship or CYF is a camp led by their peers, the Regional Youth Cabinet. This is a week long camp to detach from the world and spend time in community, nature and one another. 

CYF includes activities like square dance, talent show, surprise big event,  dance, and a team building low ropes activity. 

This camp encourages the regional youth cabinet to lead the camp as well as worship and the schedule. Adults and counselors are there to support and help lead empowering conversations to help build faith and community.

Anna Godsey, Co-Director

My name is Anna Godsey and I have spent most of my summers attending, counseling, and directing camps out at Tall Oaks and currently sit on the Tall Oaks board as the secretary. I am currently an RYC adult and enjoy spending time with our oldest youth in the region, teaching them to become leaders among their peers. I am also directing Eighters for a second year, after having counseled Eighters for 9 years. Tall Oaks holds a large piece of my heart and I love spending time building community with our youth. Tall Oaks set the path for my current job as a Youth Mental Health Case Manager. We are so excited for you to join us at CYF this summer and can't wait to show you what the RYC has in store!

What to pack

  • Your Bible

  • Bedding –Pillow, Sleeping bag or twin bed sheets and a blanket

  • Towels for swimming, showering, and other situations that might get wet!

  • Clothes – At least 1 outfit per day plus an extra one. Campers will also receive a camp t-shirt.

    • At least one pair of pants or jeans is also highly recommended for walking in the woods.

  • Swimsuit. Please refrain from bringing string bikinis or extra short male swim trunks.

  • Toiletries – Toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and a comb.

  • Shoes – At least one pair of close-toed shoes you wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty. Sandals or flip-flops are great for the pool or for around the cabin.

  • Any medication required to be taken during our time at camp.

  • Water Bottle


About RYC

Regional Youth Cabinet

"RYC was a way for me to extend my faith outside of church with a group of phenomenal people who always offered constant support in whatever way I needed it. RYC plans as well as facilitates CYF camps for oth midwinter and summer camp. We join in meetings at least once a month all year long to connect spiritually with our fellow RYC members and to put on the best camp we possibly can." - Jacob Steitz

Mid - Winter 

Mid-winter is a chance for high-schoolers to retreat before getting back into the swing of school for the spring semester.

The Regional Youth Cabinet not only plan out the activities but they also make their own curriculum for this retreat. 

Look forward to seeing your camp friends in the winter and connecting with them!


CYF Mid-Winter

Age: High Schoolers        Price: $ 185 

January 5 - 7 2024


Please contact the Camp and Conference Coordinator for the Greater Kansas City Region Christian Church Disciples of Christ Kylie Graham at or (913) 669 - 4782

Tall Oaks Camp and Conference Center
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