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Day Camp

Age: K - 3rd Grade                Price:$30

June 15th and  June 26th

Day Camp is a one-day camp experience for children. The children will experience creation, worship, games, art, archery, hayride, and friendships all in the great outdoors.

Day Camp 1 - Saturday, June 15, 2024

Day Camp 2 - Wednesday, June 26, 2024


director of day camp
Kelly  Schneikart, Director

I went to Chi-Rho creativity camp in the 90's & and fell in love with Tall Oaks and church camp. I made so many friends & and memories during my years at Tall Oaks. I was on the regional cabinet in high school & and enjoyed being a part of the planning camp. I recently made a career change & and am serving as the Director of Family Ministry at my home church, Liberty Christian Church. I love everything about my job, especially being able to serve at Tall Oaks! Last year, I was a counselor for day camp & and I'm excited to be directing day camp this year. My daughters, Katie & and Chelsea, have been going to Tall Oaks since they were old enough for day camp. They love it & and I love hearing them sing the same songs that I learned at camp! 

director talking to campers
Grace Hill, Director

Grace is a licensed child therapist and has counseled many Tall Oaks camps in the last eight years from day camp to CYF. Grace attended Disciples of Christ camps every summer, participated in regional youth cabinet, and completed the Disciples Peace Internship. This is Grace’s second year directing Day Camp and she is excited to spent time with your kiddos, having fun and supporting their spiritual development! 


Day camp is led by directors and counselors. This camp is created to detach from the world and spend time in nature and with one another. 

Day camp includes activities like songs and dancing, arts and crafts, hayride, pool time, archery, and silly games. 

Day camp is creation based focusing on " I am lovable and capable. I am special and can do lots of things and God has made me that way.


Please contact the Camp and Conference Coordinator for the Greater Kansas City Region Christian Church Disciples of Christ Kylie Graham at or (913) 669 - 4782

Tall Oaks Camp and Conference Center
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